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Bishop condemns church leaders' calls for barbaric conversion therapy to continue

Bishop condemns church leaders’ calls for barbaric conversion therapy to continue

A protestor holds a conversion therapy ban placard

One in four LGBT+ victims of sexual violence think attacker was ‘trying to convert or punish them’

Thousands of LGBTQ+ people and allies took part in the Equality Parade in Gdansk, Poland

Majority of Poland backs same-sex marriage and LGBT+ families, research suggests

US LGBT+ population may be double what was previously thought

America’s LGBT+ population could be twice as big as previously thought, new study finds

Author Anne Rice has died at the age of 80

Late Interview with the Vampire author Anne Rice remembered by trans woman she helped come out

Joy Behar has faced criticism after telling queer people to come out at Thanksgiving

The View’s Joy Behar hit with searing backlash for urging people to come out at Thanksgiving

Russia tech entrepreneur and politician Igor Ashmanov

Russian politician builds sinister ‘Wikipedia’ of ‘toxic content’. And yes, it includes gay people

18 years after Section 28, one in five teachers still feel uncomfortable with LGBT+ topics

Intersex justice activists

What does intersex mean, how to be an intersex ally and other important things you should know

There’s a species of asexual worm that hasn’t had sex in 18 million years. Yes, really

Ancient gay lovers, like those who made up the Sacred Band of Thebes

This fearsome, ancient army was made up entirely of gay lovers and endorsed by Plato

conservative christians America lgbt rights study

Poland warns EU ‘we will not be blackmailed’ as tensions over LGBT+ rights reach fever pitch

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