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Asexual awareness activists Yasmin Benoit and Emi Salida.

Asexual activists explain why labels are so powerful: ‘Words made me feel less broken’

6 rare TV shows with asexual characters, from Game of Thrones to BoJack Horseman

An asexual child was evicted from their parent's place after they were threatened with being sent to conversion therapy. (Stock photo via Elements Envato)

Asexual cruelly evicted by bigoted parents turns them into the police for owning illegal firearms

Here are five things an asexual person really wants you to know – including what not to say to her

There’s a species of asexual worm that hasn’t had sex in 18 million years. Yes, really

asexual awareness week

Asexual man explains what it means to be ace and why he’s ‘not missing out’ in 60 perfect seconds

Pride Parade Warsaw

Asexual people belong at Pride. We’re just as queer as anybody else

asexual awareness week

What do the terms asexual and aromantic mean and what is the ‘asexual spectrum’?

asexual awareness week

This is what it’s like to celebrate Valentine’s Day while asexual: ‘It’s like being vegan on National Cheese Day’

The trans flag unicorn rainbow mug available from the PinkNews store

LGBT+ Valentine’s gift ideas you need in your life including rainbow laces and cute mugs

Three LGBT+ people wearing PinkNews' Christmas jumpers against a pink background

These are the best LGBT+ Christmas jumpers money can buy this festive season

asexual awareness week

One in ten LGBT+ youth identify as asexual or on the ace spectrum, landmark research finds

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